Buddhism and Multi Level Marketing - An Intro

02 Sep 2018 21:35

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I am composing this collection of five articles while living at the centre of Kagyu Buddhist task at the Dharma Chakra Centre in Rumtek, Sikkim, India.

What brings me right here?

A search for points you could not be especially interested in (Qigong for instance). However just what will certainly interest you, as it did me, is the remarkable resemblance Buddhist viewpoint has with network marketing principles as well as tasks.

Why would this be fascinating?

Because Buddhism is among minority globe religious beliefs we could put a date to, as well as the way it has - over a couple of centuries - created a quiet change in spite of ups and also downs, factions as well as fragmentation, it can just act as motivation of what I believe is the biggest change in the world - Network Marketing. And also we will live to witness (and potentially join) all of it!

What is Buddhism? Well it is a teaching of life technique that advanced from the teachings of Lord Buddha around 6th century BC as well as has grown as a religion though it is largely a philosophy with rituals as well as techniques. Buddhism aims to bring benefit to numerous sentient beings without distinction - similar to multi level marketing.

yoga meditation mudras originated in India however as a result of changes in the times and problems it succeeded in various other areas, especially China, where it penetrated and also became an indivisible part of Chinese society. Pretty much the same way, multi level marketing is welcoming that area.

There is a saying, "The even more the Dharma permeates, the more barriers develop". This suggests that in countries where the Dharma is a lot more prosperous demonic barriers emerge much more! This is exactly what happened in China, yet thankfully through the wonderful guts and conviction of the lineage forefathers (you may be one of them in the mlm market), all the barriers were eliminated as well as the true Dharma lineage has survived.

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